Committee Meetings

A Summary of Committee Meetings are copied below at the direction of the Committee following the 2021 AGM.

Currently the agreement by the Committee of the content of the summary, has been approved at the following Committee Meeting.

Summary of Committee Meeting May 2021


AGM Minutes
The full AGM Minutes will be circulated to the Committee in the near future for comment

A number of properties were discussed.

Three quotes had been received regarding the repair and update of the ANPR. Further questions were requested and depending on the answers, to accept the quote agreed.
Greg Smythe is arranging for a camera inspection of Hockering Road Drains to identify the cause of the flooding at the junction of Hockering Road and Cleardown.
A full repaint of Main Gate with some repairs will be carried out when the weather improves.
Despite the majority vote in favour at the AGM for another speed-hump in Knowl Hill there had been a strong complaint from one resident. It was agreed to hire equipment to record speed and volume of traffic in order to obtain scientific evidence regarding the matter.

Trees and verges
Tree requests have been received from one property.
Salvatore has been keeping busy clearing tree debris etc brought down by the wind. 
He has also been putting top soil and seed where necessary on the verges. 
He has removed some of the posts as the verges have dried out.
Greg is in the process of obtaining a quote for emptying the leaf dumps for this summer.
The leaf blower needed a new exhaust valve & cam wheel recently.
The verges will be having a summer treatment on Wednesday 19th May.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasure reported that as of 13th May, he had received 50% of Resident’s annual contributions and the vast majority have included a gift for Salvatore.

A “save the date” flyer has been sent out for 18th July. Further details will be provided nearer the time.
Consideration was given to the provision of a Hockering Christmas Tree and raising funds for it. 

Neighbourhood Watch 
The registration of our Neighbourhood Watch scheme is in place, the new monitors contacted, continued support has been checked and the newsletters are being received.

The summary of the committee meeting 1st April 2021 was agreed and to be placed on the website.

The next meeting will be held on 23rd June at 7.15pm

Summary of HRA Committee Meeting April 2021


- The Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 2nd March 2021 were approved
- The Hon. Treasurer advised that debt, in relation to houses that had not paid their annual contribution, would now be shown on the balance sheet.
- Planning matters were considered regarding 2 properties.
- The speed hump in Knowl Hill was discussed.
- Greg Smyth was gaining further details regarding upgrading the ANPR.
- The proposal at the AGM of an ex gratia payment to Salvatore due to his inability to work last year due to illness was discussed and it was agreed residents would be offered the option to make a gift to him, within the letter regarding annual contributions, which are now due.
- There was consent that we would try putting a brief summary of Committee Meetings on the website going forwards.
- The general feeling was that the annual party should be able to go ahead this Summer.
- Following the success of the tree last Christmas, it was felt that we should look into repeating the concept this year. Ideas for fundraising were discussed. 
- The AGM via Zoom had been very well attended by residents with a significant majority support from residents.
- The next meeting will be held on 13th May 2021